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Fast-rising singers/songwriters, Reignz releases their electrifying new single “Home”  as  a birthday gift for their fans.

The duo singer/songwriter REIGNZ decides to go back home to their root, with this new and outstanding song HOME

HOME talks about the beautiful things in IDOMA land, the beautiful and caring people, the food.
No matter where you go, there’s no place like home…

Benue state is the middlebelts state in Nigeria, rich in agriculture. They are known as the Food Basket Of The Nation.

IDOMA is one of the ethnic group of Benue state, known for their beautiful traditional attire RED and BLACK..

Irrespective of the Language, Reignz is dedicating the song with a great message to Nigerians.
Due to the sad and recent incident that just happened throughout the country.
“We are peaceful and very loving people, and no matter where we run to, there’s no place like HOME

Listen to “HOME” below:




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