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For the third installment of “The Message“, Ebro Darden sat down with Tiwa Savage to talk about the #EndSARS protests and the ongoing struggle for a better Nigeria.

Tiwa had this to say about the current situation of the protests:

Everyone’s just kind of like regrouping, going back because the #EndSARS was just a catalyst. It was just to bring awareness to bigger pictures. It wasn’t just about ending police brutality, it was about ending injustice, bad governance and just fighting for a better country for us, for our children, and for the future. So it was a great start because it was a peaceful protest, obviously it didn’t end well, but we move, and I think everyone is just regrouping and just figuring out come 2023, we all realize that we all have a voice and we have to use it.

Watch the full video below:

#Bella Naija



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