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Hello my name is Fedora Obiye Feechukwu Matthew. I just celebrated my first year, my first birthday on earth and I decided to share with you my experience and also a tip.

My first birthday was a very important milestone for me and my parents. They have been so happy having me even though sometimes I just stress them a lot, but I am so glad having such beautiful parents.

They went through a lot of stress to celebrate my first year on earth and it was a memorable and special one, but I didn’t really enjoy myself as a baby because I kept crying all through, from the photoshoot to the birthday celebration, because I have never seen some faces before and the stress was too much, everyone wanted me to smile at least once, my parents wanted me to look very good, and I didn’t allow my mum to even touch my hair.

see photos below:

Allow me to take you through the process of celebrating my first birthday:

First of all, my dad told me that his parents didn’t celebrate any of his birthday, and he wouldn’t allow same with me. I guess he thought I wasn’t hearing him, but I did heard him.

My mom was all over, she baked a lot of cakes, those two cakes in the pictures above are just the remaining out of 5 cakes. my mom is really good in baking.. she baked those beautiful cakes in the pictures above.
My parents bought new clothes and arranged for a photoshoot for me, which I really didn’t do well to my own satisfaction, because I couldn’t smile for once, I just kept crying but the photographer was so patient with me, until we made something beautiful. Big up to all good photographers out there.

see photos below:

Shot by @alexisshotit_studios.

My Tip: As a photographer if you want to do a photoshoot for a 1 year old baby, I suggest you see and build a nice relationship with the child a day before the shoot, and maybe get a small toy or something no matter how little to register your face in the mind of the child so that, it will be easy for you and your client on the day of the shoot. Maybe if my photographer had done that, maybe we would have had a very great shoot, but he did well, maybe next time i will smile and open my gap teeth(Diastema).

On the day of the photoshoot my dad kept shouting, “Obiye please smile and open your gap teeth(Diastema)”, and I was like “Dad I don’t understand what you are saying, am only 1 year old”. it was really a fun photoshoot though because we got some cute photos.

On the celebration day, a lot of people came, families, friends. I saw some strange faces again but this time I was more relaxed because I could recognize some faces and that made me feel so happy. My mom prepared a lot of food, everyone ate, and I ate so much that I couldn’t move my body anymore, I just kept looking at everything happening around me. Everyone was happy, my parents were so happy and that made me so happy too. I also got a nice new gift too.

see photos below:

Thanks to everyone that celebrated me, and to all my lovely parents and families that put this up for me, am grateful.

God bless every single parents out there working so hard to put smile on their little baby’s face.

watch the video clip below:

Happy Birthday to me!

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