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African Culture

The San People of Botswana| The Bushmen

There are many interesting cultures and traditions that you will come across when you come to Africa. We will be talking about the San People

African Culture Style

Best Meals You Can Try in Algeria

Algeria has been argued to be the world’ best secret foodie country.  According to an ancient saying in Algeria,  ‘Serr tnin ya’rfouh alfin’, which means

African Culture Entertainment

Nigerian corps member redesigns Mazda car into a beautiful brand using wastes

Oladele Ogbeyemi, a young graduate and serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), has succeeded in redesigning a Mazda 323 car using scrap

African Culture

Five Strange Youth Rites To Experience in Africa

  African has hundreds of unknown tribes still living in some of the most isolated part of the continent. Some of tribes haven’t seen the

African Culture Style

Why You Should Stay Away From Cheap Hotel Rooms when planning your trip to Africa

When you want to book a hotel room, there are things you should stay away from- extremely cheap rooms if you are not a local.

African Culture

African Wonders that will Take Your Breath Away

The scenic beauty of Africa is an incredible blessing to the world with breathtaking wonders that can only be found on this continent.  Be prepared

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How Bitter Kola May Become The Future of Africa’s Wonder Drug

Over the years, Africans have used bitter kola for a number of uses. It is one of the sacred items that can be presented during

African Culture

Unbelievable Traditions You Can Only Witness Among the Zulu People

  The Zulu people are from the Bantu ethnic group in South Africa, who dwell in KwaZulu-Natal. Some of these people live in Zambia, Zimbabwe,

African Culture

The Scared Lion Hunting Of The Maasai Warriors

If there is  a place in the world where lions are not feared, it is in Kenya. The Massai warriors are trained to haunt lions

African Culture Style

Adebayo Oke-Lawal & Kike Ojewale Talk Fashion Law With Orange Mentorship

Adebayo Oke-Lawal‘s  Orange Culture continues its evolution, not just as a fashion brand or a toxic masculinity-defying movement, but also as a resource for young designers who